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Tanguer­os Polares

Learn Argentine Tango With Orchestra

29th to 30th of July in Hailuoto, Finland

Participation requirements

You can already play the bandoneón, violin, viola, cello, piano or double bass.

Players of other instruments, such as woodwinds, brass, or accordion, are welcome to join as well.

No prior experience of playing Argentine tango is required.


Class content

Learning the different genres of Argentine tango and performing them in an orchestra

Opportunity for more personal guidance during the section rehearsals

Students are presented with the class materials in advance.

The class ends in a final concert performance.

(Further class information below.)

Learn Argentine Tango With Orchestra

120 EUR student / 50 EUR observer

(VAT 0%)

The last date to enroll is 15.07.2019.

The registration period has ended 15.07.2019.

Tango Orchestra Workshop by Tangueros Polares

Now in Hailuoto, you’ve got a unique chance to learn to play different styles of traditional Argentine tango in orchestra under the guidance of internationally renowned Finnish bandoneon player and professional tango musician Ville Hiltula and his colleagues violinist Janne Tateno and pianist Joanna Broman. The workshop is suitable for everyone who is interested in playing traditional Argentine tango music, or for anyone who just wants to learn a new perspective of musical thinking, for professionals and amateurs.

Ville Hiltula

Ville Hiltula is an internationally renowned Finnish bandoneón player and professional tango musician. He is the founder of numerous tango groups in various countries, and he has been performing widely all over the world including Argentina, USA, Japan, South Korea, and most of the European countries. Hiltula played ten years in internationally renowed Carel Kraayenhof y Su Sexteto Canyengue between 2005–2015. He has also played and recorded as a soloist in Astor Piazzolla’s tango opera Maria de Buenos Aires in three different productions in Belgium, Ireland and Germany. He also had a project together with Aurelia Saxophone Quartet and performed together with pop bands such as Blof and Nuspirit Helsinki.

Ville Hiltula has given masterclasses for bandoneón and Argentinean tango at the Royal Conservatory of Liege in Belgium and also at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. In January 2015 he became the first person ever to become a part-time bandoneon teacher at Sibelius Academy.

Joanna Broman

Joanna Broman is an experienced educator in piano and ensemble playing. Her main job is teaching at Hyvinkää music school. As an artist, Broman has performed at Oulunsalo Soi festival, 1999–2007, as a soloist, and chamber and orchestra musician. She has been playing Argentine tango in various bands ranging from a duo to a sextet, and genres from old Argentine to tango nuevo. Joanna performs in Tangueros Polares with her colleagues violinist Janne Tateno and bandoneónist Ville Hiltula. She also works as a pianist and harpsichordist in the Hyvinkää orchestra. Over the years, Broman has played on various records of i.a. Faure, Grieg, and Brahms. She has toured in Sweden, France, Russia, and Austria in addition to her native Finland.

Janne Tateno

Janne Tateno is the founding member of the chamber orchestra La Tempesta, and acts as its concertmaster. During 1998–2007, Tateno performed at Oulunsalo Soi music festival. Since 1999, Janne Tateno has been a part of Nagaokakyo Chamber Ensemble, operating in Kyoto. Since year 2008 he has been the principal of the 2nd violins in Yamagata Symphonic Orchestra. In December 2012, Tateno premiered a concert in Tokyo. Janne is an active performer of contemporary music, and he has premiered for instance Ichiro Hirano’s, Takashi Yoshimatsu’s, and Mieko Shiomi’s works. He has also played Ichiro Ishida’s and Akira Ifukbe’s violin sonatas on records. In addition to Classical music, Tateno also immerses himself in Argentine tango, and regularly performs it in bands Tangueros Polares and Tangueros Árcticos.

Extend your musical palette to Argentine tango.

In Hailuoto, Finland. With a phenomenal trio!

Class Details

  • The class is held in Finnish and/or English, adapting to the needs of the participants.
  • The class fee for students is 120 euros (VAT 0%), which is paid directly to the bank account of Oulunsalo Ensemble ry. during the registration. The fee is non-refundable, even if you had to cancel your participation!
  • For observers, the fee is 50 euros (VAT 0%), which is paid in advance in the same manner.
  • The class consists of approximately 9 hours of contact time and one-hour final concert, where the students get a chance to perform.
  • The students get practice in different styles of Argentine tango in orchestral formation, instrument section, and as individual players.
  • The section rehearsals can, for instance, be organized in the following fashion: Strings, Piano & Double-Bass, Bandoneón & Accordion.
  • The students will acquire class materials (sheet music and recordings) in advance from Ville Hiltula.
  • Every participant must take care of their transportation and accommodation themselves.

Class Schedule

The class is arranged at Hailuoto church (Luovontie 52, 90480 Hailuoto). Changes to the schedule might be due, so please add this page to your bookmarks!

Monday 29th of July

11.00–14.00: Short introduction & Tango Orchestra Rehearsal
15.00–16.00: Section Rehearsal
16.00–18.00: Tango Orchestra Rehearsal

Tuesday 30th of July

11.00–12.00: Section Rehearsal
12.00–14.00: Tango Orchestra Rehearsal
15.30–17.30: Final Concert Rehearsal
19.00–20.30: Class Final Concert


Contact Info

In all class-related questions and registration, email Ville Hiltula:


Learn Argentine Tango With Orchestra

120 EUR student / 50 EUR observer

(VAT 0%)

Pay the class fee corresponding to your way of participating to the bank account of Oulunsalo Ensemble ry.

FI74 5741 3620 4920 48
Recipient: Oulunsalo Ensemble ry.
Message: Hailuoto Masterclass


After the bank transfer, email Ville Hiltula in order to enroll on the course:

The last date to enroll is 15.07.2019.

The registration period has ended 15.07.2019.

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Unique learning experiences.
Exotic location.


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